AICUM October Facts of the Month

Lowest Default Rate in the Nation

Did You Know?

Massachusetts has the lowest student loan default rate in the country at 6.4%.


AICUM colleges and universities lead the way with a student loan default rate of 3.74%.


Massachusetts Student Loan Default Rates by Sector

Default Rates

Source: United States Department of Education; 2012 Cohort Default Rates; released 9/30/2015

Did You Know?

  • In FY15, AICUM colleges awarded over $560 million in institutional grants and scholarships to Massachusetts residents.  This need-based aid allows students to borrow less, resulting in more manageable repayment upon graduation.
  • AICUM members are committed to helping students and alumni manage their debt.  Many campuses employ programs like SALT, offered by American Student Assistance, to provide free guidance and counseling to student and alumni on loan management.
  • Massachusetts private colleges lead the nation in graduating students on-time (68.3 percent graduate within 4 years).  This reduces the total cost to students and allows them to enter the workforce faster.
  • New England places a tremendous value on a college degree.  AICUM graduates are able to find good paying jobs quickly upon graduation, which enables them to manage their debt payments more easily.

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