Student Testimonials

Massachusetts College Students Give Their Impressions


“I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. I love this

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area. I love the campus. I love the community here, the classes, everything just kind of worked for me and I felt like I really fit in here.”Michelle Pritchard, Curry College student (Curry website)


“I’ve made it through my first winter in Massachusetts (which I’m told was mild) and I’m still loving New England! I’ve learned a few things about the north so far: (1) leaves fall off the trees like it’s raining in autumn, (2) walking through snow feels the same as walking through sand, (3) rain boots are essential, and (4) earmuffs, earmuffs, earmuffs!”Stephanie, New England College of Optometry student (NECO blog)


“I thought about applying to Hampshire in high school, but, after being totally intimidated by the cost of attendance, I decided against that. Little did I know I would later get a really nice financial aid package.”—Abby Brownell, Hampshire College student (Hampshire website)


“I guess the best thing about being a Stonehill student is the opportunity available to me. I can tie together all the things I love best and make my college experience completely unique to me while still sharing commonalities with my friends here who are following their own paths.”Casey Kapalko, Stonehill College student (Stonehill College website)


“For centuries, people have been repeating one word three times: location, location, location! I’ve finally figured out the reasons behind their redundancy—the need for tremendous emphasis! … One of the more admirable characteristics of Harvard University is its location. Wedged in Cambridge among other top universities as well as successful companies, Harvard fosters a delightfully diverse environment students can thrive on.”— Jeanie Nguyen, Harvard University student (Harvard admissions blog)


“I love that Curry has a shuttle to Boston. It’s so convenient and it’s a quick trip. Even on weekends we can go to places like Fenway Park and Faneuil Hall. It’s awesome!”—Janelle Mayo, Curry College student (Curry College website)


“The amount a stu­dent may get from the state may seem small com­pared to a Pell grant or a North­eastern schol­ar­ship, but it really makes a big dif­fer­ence, espe­cially for us stu­dents on the edge.” —Dylan O’Sullivan, Northeastern University student (Northeastern news site)


“If you want a place that fosters learning in an open and collaborative environment, this is it. Students study together, professors hold group office hours, people share materials and notes with friends who miss class, and ultimately care and look out for one another.”—Jeffrey Glick, Boston College Law student (BC law website)


“I just really feel that Berklee has been a crucial part of my career. It has opened doors that I didn’t know it was going to open—Berklee doesn’t even know half the stuff it’s done for me. Wherever I go, wherever I sing, wherever I perform, they don’t even have to ask about Berklee, I want to let them know that Berklee’s part of this thing.”— Major “Choirboy” Johnson-Finley, Berklee College of Music student (Berklee website)