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Reopening Massachusetts: Higher Education Control Plan

As Massachusetts Higher Education Institutions continue to bring staff, faculty, students, and other members of the public back to their campuses, completion of this plan will demonstrate alignment with the considerations of the Massachusetts Higher Education COVID-19 Working Group. The plan will also demonstrate a self-certification that institutions have adopted the COVID-19 workplace safety rules and requirements instituted under the Governor’s Reopening Orders for Phase II and Phase III.

Control plans do not need to be submitted for approval, but it is recommended that they be posted on the institution’s website and must be immediately available for review in the case of an inspection or outbreak. If a plan is identical across all or multiple campuses, only one plan need be completed. If campuses require different approaches due to the nature of activities, building types, or other reasons, a separate plan should be completed for that campus or campuses. Plans should be disseminated to all applicable campuses.


December 02, 2020