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AICU Mass and Suffolk University Inclusive Leadership Program

“Such a powerful presentation”: AICU Mass’ Inclusive Leadership Program Launches its Second Cohort

Nearly 100 stakeholders from college and university campuses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island gathered at Regis College earlier this month to participate in the AICU Mass Inclusive Leadership Program.

Created in partnership with Suffolk University and first launched last year, the program supports higher education professionals in their quest to expand their impact individually, institutionally and system-wide. It delves into topics such as emotional intelligence, individual and institutional leadership, identifying the skills required to effect organizational change, and self-care and coaching for inclusive leaders.

The featured keynote speaker was Su Joun, principal of Diversity@Workplace. Focusing on the fundamentals of diversity, equity and inclusion, Joun challenged the crowd to look at their institution’s existing practices and policies and not assume they are working. She urged everyone to continually ask, “Is this inclusive?” Too often, says Joun, if an institution isn’t actively including, it is passively excluding, despite every good intention to be inclusive. Joun also stressed that leaders should focus on where there is most need to make the biggest impact, and not try to tackle global institutional challenges all at once.

The group will continue with monthly meetings which feature other nationally recognized speakers. The program concludes in May with a closing celebration.

The Inclusive Leadership Program could not be possible without the full support our partners: Suffolk University, its President Marisa Kelley and Vice President for Diversity, Access and Inclusion Joyya Smith; Regis College, its president, Antoinette Hayes; and Vice President for Inclusive Excellence and Chief Diversity Officer Audrey Grace; and Kaitlyn Pires, vice president for administration and member relations, AICU Mass.

Scenes from the Inclusive Leadership Training at Regis College: January 24, 2023