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AICU Mass institutions educate nearly 300,000 students annually

AICU Mass is an association of 61 private nonprofit colleges and universities throughout Massachusetts. Our members include large, nationally renowned research universities; smaller, highly regarded liberal arts colleges; religiously affiliated institutions; and colleges with special missions focused on business or music or allied health services. The wide variety of AICU Mass colleges and universities ensures that there is a good fit for all students at independent institutions in Massachusetts.

Choosing a college is an important decision that will influence your career choices and establish lifelong learning habits and opportunities. However, this process does not need to be stressful as you evaluate all that Massachusetts colleges and universities have to offer. Massachusetts private colleges are committed to making college affordable for students of varying economic means and to helping students of all backgrounds get to and through college. As a result, independent colleges around the state are ethnically and economically diverse.




AICUM colleges and universities not only provide opportunities to young people already living in Massachusetts, but they attract students from across the country and the globe — students who often stay here after graduation. This sets the state up for a future as a diverse, truly global destination that draws talent and creativity from around the world. The college admissions process is all about finding a good fit—both for you and for the school—so be sure to check out the websites of AICU Mass member colleges and tailor your application to the schools that fit you best.