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AICU Mass Launches its Third Annual Inclusive Leadership Training

Nearly 100 stakeholders from private and public college and university campuses in Massachusetts and Rhode Island kicked off the third cohort of the AICU Mass Inclusive Leadership Program, hosted by MGH Institute of Health Professions.

Created in partnership with Suffolk University, the program supports higher education professionals in their quest to expand their impact individually, institutionally and system-wide. It delves into topics such as emotional intelligence, individual and institutional leadership, identifying the skills required to effect organizational change, and self-care and coaching for inclusive leaders.

Marking her return to the kick off of this training was Su Joun, principal of Diversity@Workplace, who grounded the group in the stark reality that the state of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is not where it was even one year ago; that there is much noise around the topic. She added that inclusive leadership training such as AICU Mass’ provides a good foundation so that professionals are prepared to respond.

Among Joun’s key takeaways:

• Remember what you see and feel may not be what others see and feel. What you see and experience may not be the same for others. Just because you’ve never seen it doesn’t mean others haven’t.
• Have inclusive interactions. Conversations are about understanding another person’s point of view, not to convince them of yours.
• Review and update policies, procedures and norms.
• How do you know if you’ve been successful with workforce DEI efforts? Set goals, knowing there is no end goal. If group or engagement scores exist, see if they’ve gone up.

The group will continue with monthly meetings which feature other nationally recognized speakers. The program concludes in May with a closing celebration.

The Inclusive Leadership Program could not be possible without AICU Mass vice president for administration and member relations Kaitlyn Pires, and vice president for diversity, access and inclusion Joyya Smith, Suffolk University.

Scenes from the Inclusive Leadership Training at MGH Institute of Health Professions: January 24, 2024